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    Birthing Ball – 75cm – GREEN

    Birthing Ball - 75cm - GREEN

    The fitball is commonly used in labor wards these days; it is a safe and beneficial tool for child birth.These are some of the benefits to using a Birthing Ball for pregnancy
    • Maintains correct posture while exercising
    • Lessens the impact on a pregnant body
    • Works the pelvic floor
    • Safely strengthens the abdominals
    • Allows for greater mobility in the pelvic region which is beneficial for birthing
    • Is a great birthing tool
    • Benefits of using the fitball Postpartum
      • Offers support for a vulnerable body
      • Rehabilitates the core muscles
      • Addresses the pelvic floor and spine
      • Great tool for bouncing a fussy babyGeneral benefits of using the fitball
          • Aligns the spine
          • Keeps pressure off vulnerable areas like hips and knees
          • Works deep stabilizing muscles in the trunk and spine
    Fitball for use during labor
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