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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls

Q.Is the Fitball™ (Burst Resistant Quality) BRQ?

A.We have a selection of balls within the Fitball™ range which have a BRQ rating.
The Fitball™ , Arte, and our Body Ball all have a static load rating of 9000kg and a Burst Resistant Rating of 300kg. The Fitball™ -Pro has a BRQ of 500kg BRQ.

Care should always be taken when using hand weights with dynamic exercises on the ball!


The below picture is an Independent Safety Testing done by the Centre for advanced Structural Engineering of Sydney in Australia, which actually shows the fitball holding 9000kg without bursting.

Start of test – no load1500kg load
Further test – 500kg9000kg load
Q.Are the Fitball™ products safe for children?

A.Yes our products are all made out of PVC; they are extremely durable and can be used indoors and out. No latex is used which is an advantage over other products.


  • All Products in the range are inflatable.
  • All our products have been designed with safety in mind.
  • All products are latex free PVC products.
  • All Products are Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) free PVC products.

The advantage of latex free is that it prevents problems associated with hypersensitivity allergic reactions. Our products are NRL free, unlike most other PVC products. NRL is toxic to children if the surface comes in contact with their mouth. All toys are NRL free, which means children can lick the product, as many youngsters will, and there will be no adverse effects as there is with other PVC products.

Q.How do I choose the right size Fitball™ for me?

A.There are two ways to determine the correct size fitball for you height.

  1. By measuring from the tip of the shoulder to the fingertips and use the following size chart.
  2. You can also use your standing height and go by the following size chart.
black_bulletArm length 56-65 cm55 cm ballStanding Height: Up to 5′ 3″ (157 cm)
black_bulletArm length 66-80 cm65 cm ballStanding Height: 5’4″ to 6′ (158 cm – 182 cm)
black_bulletArm length 81-90 cm75 cm ballStanding Height: Over 6’1″ (over 182 cm)

If seated on the fitball, your hips should be slightly higher than knees. When prone over the ball, hands and feet should be able to be placed firmly on the ground.

Q.How do I take care of my Fitball ?

A.Look to Our Guarantee

Q.How do I properly inflate my Fitball™?

A.Look to Our Guarantee

Q.Can I use a Fitball if I have an injury?

A.Fitballs are widely used to strengthen the back and core stability; however it is important to get medical advice. Please consult you GP or Medical Practitioner.

Q.Does the Fitball come with a set of exercises?

A.The Fitball comes with a 8 page fold out exercise sheet, listing some do’s and don’t on the fitbal™.

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