Airex Balance Pad Elite

Airex Balance Pad Elite

The Airex Balance Beam can be used for a wide variety of applications including rehabilitation, balance training and coordination. The destabilizing properties of the Airex Beams super-soft”” specialty foam is suitable for use in the restoration and training of motor skills and balance.


Benefits of Airex Balance Pad Elite

The Airex Balance Beam combines both exercise and balance skills to increase strength, stamina, differentiation and coordination. The Beam is wider at the base than the top of the beam. This design allows the user or clinician to use the wide base or flip over the beam to create even more destabilization characteristics.



  • balance training
  • coordination and reaction training
  • mobility training
  • standing stability training
  • functional retraining of lower extremity muscles
  • motor skill training
  • proprioceptive stabilization skills
  • toe/heel and toe-to-toe movement

Balance for Health

Our feet were made for walking. Sitting and standing for long periods of time means that feet are used too little, placing them under excessive stress. As a consequence, the interaction between postural and motor functions, inervation (increased flow of information) and blood circulation becomes disturbed. The optimization of these interactions forms the basis of all physical therapy and sports therapy-based rehabilitation programs.

The sensation of instability generated by the Airex. Balance products has a highly stimulation effect on the control functions of the brain. The receptors in the feet, joints and eyes become highly active in order to keep the body balanced. These effects facilitate the following therapeutic and training objectives, which also support and promote one another:

  • improved intermuscular and intramuscular coordination
  • Increased ability to respond
  • Reduced risk of injury and falling
  • Improved posture and motion sequences
  • Training everyday functions and sport-specific motion sequences while making increased demands on muscles
  • Elimination of functional muscle contractures
  • Dynamic and goal-oriented strength training
  • Recovery of physiological toe and foot functions
  • Improving venous return flow. 880g

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