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    Heavymed Medicine Ball 500gm, GREEN

    Heavymed Medicine Ball 500gm - GREEN

    Small in volume but heavy in weight. These Medicine balls bounce and provide a good grip. They are terrific for training for all ball games, including cricket, basketball and football, or strength and fitness workouts. Incorporate these ball into core stability exercises to increase the difficulty. 
    97.35Heavymed 5 kg ORANGE45.0049.50
    97.34Heavymed 4 kg PINK40.0044.00
    97.30Heavymed 3 kg BLUE35.0038.50
    97.20Heavymed 2 kg  YELLOW25.0027.50
    97.10Heavymed 1kg  RED20.0022.00
    97.05Heavymed 500gm GREEN15.0016.50
    Colour: Green
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    $16.00 Ex. GST each