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    Purple Portable 2

    Portable PURPLE Gel cushion

    ONPURPLE Cushions

    Portable Purple Seat Cushion

    We'll give you an inch of Purple and you can take it a mile...or across the globe. The Portable Purple Cushion's low profile is great for travel, whether it be in a car or a plane, a bus or a train. It's small and light enough to fit in your carry-on, and you still get all the comfort and support you expect from any Purple product.

    Product Description

    • Great for uses on planes, lecture halls, or anywhere on the go
    • Lightweight for easy portability Ideal for making the journey 100% more comfortable
    • Low profile for tall people in smaller cars
    • Smaller design - Captures most of the comfort of taller Purple cushions
    • Sleek black cover with convenient carrying handle
    • weighs 1.25kgs
    • 38W x 33D x 2.5cmH
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    $75.00 Ex. GST each