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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls

GetSmart Fitness is a series of fully accredited programs for inhouse training of PT, Gym and Group Exercise staff. Developed by The Music & Motion Studio in conjunction with Fitball Therapy & Training, this training will cover a major gap in the market where it is up to staff individually to ensure their own training however they are not adequately assessed in most instances, therefore possibly returning to the centre with their own interpretation of what has been taught. Our goal is to have every trainer knowledgeable and competent in designing correct and specific exercises. Also for the gym management to be secure in the knowledge that all staff will be trained to the same exceptional level and they can feel comfortable that their members are getting the best attention possible.

What is it?
A ball based training program designed to incorporate fitness, and strength, with a focus on core stability.

What does it do?
This unique product is an integral piece of equipment for most fitness professionals and enables greater variety of exercises through its shape and mobility. It allows for an increase of balance and core stability training that no other product offers.

Who is it for?
Anyone looking for total body core and strength training as well as fresh cardio alternatives.

What is it for?
Techniques great for incorporating into PT and Gym programs as well as group fitness classes. You will learn exercises for every major muscle group and get routine ideas for a variety of workouts.

This program allows individual instructors to compile programs or class formats based on level of participant. This program educates instructors therefore the focus is shifted from the instructor knowing what to do – they now know how and why! PLUS it’s a license free product.

Inhouse training in your club.
Contact The Music & Motion Studio:
1 Dehaviland Ave, Forest Hill, VIC
Phone: 03 9886 6288
for full details and the opportunity to book the training.

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