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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls

An Overview – Products

Our products are designed to develop strength, balance and co-ordination to all areas of the Fitness, Rehab and development areas. Our inflatable products are all made out of PVC; they are extremely durable and can be used indoors and out. No latex is used which is an advantage over other products as it prevents problems associated with hypersensitivity allergic reactions.

  • All Products in the range are inflatable.
  • All our products have been designed with safety in mind.
  • All products are latex free PVC products.
  • All Products are Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) free PVC products.

Fitball offers a wide range of fitness products and equipment; equipped for use in the home and gym environment. Our measurement tools and extensive resource Books, DVD’s and Charts are useful for all Group Trainers, Personal Trainers, Physiotherapist and Gym Junkies alike. We have it all.


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