Rep Band Latex Free Blue-Heavy Resistance, 5.5M

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REP band products provide both increasing and decreasing resistance during both concentric and eccentric exercise allowing for better biomechanical muscle control. There is no “snap-back” properties found in non-latex products

Latex Free
Has no powder and no offensive rubber odour
Has a consistent linear resistance – physiologically correct
Has an indefinite shelf life
Can be used in hydrotherapy pools
Chlorine resistant

Available in 5 Levels of resistance.
Level 1 Xlight Resistance Peach Colour
Level 2 Light Resistance Orange Colour
Level 3 Medium Resistance Green Colour
Level 4 Heavy Resistance Blue Colour
Level 5 XHeavy Resistance Plum Colour

The material used for REP Band and Tubing is a Thermo-plastic elastomer (a TPE). It is a soft plastic that is non-toxic. It is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) complaint. The Rep Tubing is often used as chewies for children with Autism and the Rep Band used as tongue strengthening devices.

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Product Description

Resistant Exercise Band

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5.5 meters long – 9.5cm wide




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