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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls


The Fitball™ Seating range is ergonomically designed to encourage correct posture while seated, providing suitable support to aid with the natural S-curve in the back. Also improves blood circulation and provide comfort to your spine, thighs and buttocks. We have staff able to come and demonstrate the correct manner to use the fitballs and seating products in the office environment in your office

Sit on Air seat Cushion

Sit on Air seat Cushion


The Sit On Air is a dynamic inflatable cushion which, thanks to its shape, has a double use. With its bump towards the external part of the chair, it stimulates the torso muscles which sustain the spinal column, promoting the maintenance of a correct posture. With its bump towards the internal part of the chair, it allows to lift the legs into a relaxing position. The movement and the provided beneficial effects are comparable to the benefits which are offered by the ball. A brochure with some exercises is included in the packaging. This item belongs to the Medical Device Class I.
  • Please adjust the inflation according to the wished comfort and stability level.  37cm x 37cm x 6cm
  • Recommended weight: max. 120 kg – 270 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 200 kg – 440 lbs.
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$40.00 each   
purple everywhere 1

The Everywhere PURPLE portable No Pressure Gel cushion

The Everywhere PURPLE portable No Pressure Gel cushion

Replaces Roll & Go If you prefer a soft, extra plush cushion the Everywhere Purple Cushion is the answer. This is the cushion of choice for seats and chairs that already have decent cushioning, but lack that plush feeling that you can only get from a Purple seat cushion. Take the Everywhere Purple Cushion, well...everywhere. With its compact folding design, you can use your Purple everywhere you sit. Easily access the built-in handles to easily move it anywhere you go in the home! Features
  • Perfect cushion to take with you on the go
  • Great relief for tailbone and coccyx pressure and discomfort
  • Unique column design for big pressure relief in a small package
  • Handles built right into the cushion
  • Sleek black cover that allows easy access to the cushion's built-in handles.
  • Dims: W 38 x D 43 x H 3cm
  • Weighs 1.25kg
  You’re a busy person, running from home, to work, taking the kids to their various extracurricular endeavours. You definitely have fun too - going to the big game, fishing, church, lala land, the name it. Take the Everywhere Purple Cushion, well...everywhere. With its compact folding design, you can take your Purple everywhere you want to sit.  
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$65.00 each   
purple back cushion

The PURPLE No Pressure Back Gel Cushion

The PURPLE No Pressure Back Gel Cushion:

More comfort equals more confidence, and comfort starts with Purple.  Sit back and relax and make sure your back is supported while you do it.  The Purple Back cushion comfortably fits the contour of your lower back (lumbar), encompassing you in comfort and giving your back the support it needs. The perfect size to pack in your carry-on and use as a travel pillow! Aeroplane headrests and windows have never been more comfortable. This polymer is laid out in an evenly distributed column design that provides perfect support for your back and spine without putting pressure on your hips or hindquarters. The columns also allow for free air flow and temperature neutrality. There has never been a seat cushion that has been stronger, comfier or cooler! Features:
  • Best for people with lower back discomfort
  • Provides excellent support for your lower back in a variety of sitting situations
  • Can double as a travel pillow for long journeys
  • Washable stretch cover with loops to attach to your chair
  • Durable polymer consistency immediately returns to its original shape, with no permanent depression
  • Cover: Machine wash cold with like colours, tumble dry low.
  • Wash with warm water and mild detergent. Let air dry.
  • Weighs: 1.25kg
  • Dims:  W 38.6 x D 26 x H 5c
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$79.00 each   
Purple Portable 2

Portable PURPLE Gel cushion


Portable Purple Seat Cushion

We'll give you an inch of Purple and you can take it a mile...or across the globe. The Portable Purple Cushion's low profile is great for travel, whether it be in a car or a plane, a bus or a train. It's small and light enough to fit in your carry-on, and you still get all the comfort and support you expect from any Purple product.

Product Description

  • Great for uses on planes, lecture halls, or anywhere on the go
  • Lightweight for easy portability Ideal for making the journey 100% more comfortable
  • Low profile for tall people in smaller cars
  • Smaller design - Captures most of the comfort of taller Purple cushions
  • Sleek black cover with convenient carrying handle
  • weighs 1.25kgs
  • 38W x 33D x 2.5cmH
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$75.00 each   
purple simply 1

Royal Purple seat cushion

Royal Purple Seat Cushion

The Royal Purple No Pressure Seat Cushion brings welcoming relief to office workers, students, long distance drivers, or anyone who spends long hours sitting down. The honeycomb gel core is super flexible and soft, conforming to your pressure points. Our best seller!!!
  • Sleek black cover with convenient carrying handle
  • Pressure relief and support
  • Thick and soft for optimum comfort
  • Great for home, office, and long, bumpy drives
  • Fantastic for anyone who spends all day in front of a screen
  • Dims:  46cmL x 41cmW x 5cmH
  • Weighs: 2.8kgs
  • 300kg weighs capacity
  MOST POPULAR 5cm thick honeycomb gel cushions, supports, and relieves pressure points Long-term comfort for those who spend all day sitting down Hyper-elastic polymer gel Non-slip cover with carrying handle Removable polyester cover is machine washable
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$130.00 each   
simply purple 1

Simply Purple Seat Cushion

Simply Purple No Pressure Seat Cushion

The Simply Purple™ Seat Cushion is a great comfort option for your car, your office chair or anyplace else that comfort is needed. Features
  • Fantastic cushioning for car, home, or office
  • Average profile for average height sitters
  • Sleek black cover with convenient carrying handle
  • Hyper - elastic polymer fill breathes, so it stays cool while in use
  • Durable polymer consistency immediately returns to its original shape, with no permanent depressions
  • Includes a washable cover with a handle
  • Dims: W 41 x D 46 x H 3cm
  • Weighs 1.6kg
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$98.00 each   
purple ultimate 1

Ultimate Purple seat cushion

The Ultimate PURPLE No Pressure Gel cushion

For the most luxurious sitting! Extra wide and deep Extra thick and firm for long sitting sessions.  Fits best on extra wide seats.  Dual Layer design with pelvic contouring for added pressure relief and spinal alignment.  Sleek black cover with convenient carrying handle.  Durable polymer consistency immediately returns to its original shape, with no permanent depressions. Description. . 
  • If you want an extra wide cushion to fit an extra-wide seat, the Ultimate Purple Cushion is 10cm wider and 5cm longer to fit a wider person and seats.
  • The contoured groove at the back of the cushion will also help align your spine and aid in adjusting your posture, so you can sit with a straight spine.
  • The Ultimate Purple Cushions is the firmest and thickest cushion offered for extra support when the pressure starts to add up. . .
  • Dims: 56cm x 46cm x 6.5cm
  • Weighs: 3.5kgs
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$180.00 each   

Sit'n'Gym Fitball 65cm BRQ Perla

Sit'n'Gym  Fitball 65cm BRQ Perla

Fitball with Feet - 75cm
Colour : Perla
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$38 each   

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