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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls


Sexy Balls book

The Ultimate Sexercise Book for sex on a Fitball
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$12.95 each   

Birthing Ball - 75cm

Fitball for use during labor
Colour :
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$27.50 each   
neurotrac pelvitone

Neurotrac Pelvitone (includes a Veriprobe)

The PelviTone will build up the pelvic floor and give you a sensation for you to understand where the pelvic floor is The NeuroTrac Pelvitone is an advanced and modern neuromuscular stimulation unit. Includes Vaginal Electrode • Suitable for urinary or rectal incontinence
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$231 each   

Period Pain TENS unit

EM Period Pain TENS Mini TENS Unit specially designed for pain relief of dysmenorrhea • Single channel • LCD display • Digital control panel design, easy-to-operate • 6 modes available for selection • Palm size with belt clip, unique and discrete • Auto shut-off function • Treatment timer preset
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$60 each   
belly cushion

Pregnancy Belly Pillow

Specify Early or Late pillow. Belly Pillow® is the ultimate pregnancy pillow. It allows a pregnant woman to lie on her front, ease pressure on her back and lets her have a massage throughout her whole pregnancy!
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$121 each   

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