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The Acutrend GC

The Acutrend GC

 A Glucose and Cholesterol Monitor Low cost, small and accurate THE ACCUTREND GC has all the benefits of the Glucose meter with the additional feature of Cholesterol testing. Using Accutrend Cholesterol strips a result is given in just three minutes! The Accutrend GC has a test memory of 20 Cholesterol and 50 Glucose results with time and date for added convenience. If you want the flexibility to monitor both Glucose and Cholesterol, the meter for you is the Accutrend GC. Glucose and Cholesterol Monitor
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$427.57 each   
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Endura Cool Instant Cooling Mesh Towel

Endura Cool Instant Cooling Mesh Towel

Suffering from Hot Flushes? Needing to cool down after a set of tennis? Out on the cricket ground in 40 degree temperatures? Out on the Bowling Rink for hours in the heat? Bushwalking? Golfing? Cycling? Running? Working out at the gym? Or do you have a condition with overheating?  The Endura Cooling Towel is the answer. Working to address the pervasive problem of overheating, the Endura Cooling Towel is an innovation a revolution in technology. It delivers fast long lasting cooling.  COOLING ACTIVATION – 3 steps 1              Completely soak the towel 2              Wring out excess 3              Grab both ends and pull / snap FEATURES Patented technology cools to 17 degrees C below average UPF 50 Protection from the sun Chemical free When dry soft and absorbent When wet stays cool for hours Reusable Machine washable Packaged in its own cannister ENDORSED BY Sarina Williams and other top athletes DESCRIPTION The Mission EnduraCool™ Instant Cooling Towel is athlete engineered and made from proprietary performance fabric that instantly cools when soaked with water, wrung out and is snapped in the air to activate its cooling properties. The thermal regulating technology works by absorbing moisture and perspiration into the fabric where the unique radiator-like fiber construction circulates water molecules and regulates the rate of evaporation to create a prolonged cooling effect. Towel Dimensions: 12.25" x 33" 90% Polyester, 10% Nylon FEATURES + BENEFITS Proprietary technology cools to 17 degrees below average body temperature when wet  
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$25 each   

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