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Disc’O’Sit Air Disc / Balance Cushion

Product Code: 89.11

Disc'O'Sit Air Disc / Balance Cushion

The DiscoSit is a circular cushion, which can be slightly inflated, giving a degree of instability. It may be useful where a ball is impractical - for instance if someone has to move from place to place for their work, if OH&S officers dont understand the use of balls, or if the work environment is unsuitable for a Fitball. The DiscoSit can also be used to challenge the balance of someone exercising on a ball. By putting one or both feet on the Disc, the base of support is reduced and also made unstable. By using a combination of Ball/Disc and adding a Medicine Ball, a huge range of exercises can be devised which will challenge almost any level of fitness, right through to the elite sports person. Ledraplastic equipment has very good UV and chlorine tolerance, so the disc is good in the pool as a floatie and can also be used for walking exercises, challenging balance and for foot/ankle strengthening and mobility.
Size: 39cm diameter
Colour : Blue
$45.00 Ex. GST each  

$45.00 Ex. GST each

Disco Sit

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