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TE-13 Combined TENS & Muscle Stim

Product Code: 2-7000042
Combined TENS unit & Muscle Stimulator Channel: Dual, isolated between channels, Power Source: 9V DC square shape battery (alkaline batteries or similar rechargeable cell), Output waveform: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse, Pulse Width: Variable, 50 ~ 300us_x000D_ Pulse Frequency: Variable, 2 ~ 150Hz, Adjustable Intensity Levels: 0 to 40 Volts (Loading: 500 ohm), Modes: TENS Burst (B), Normal (N),  MRW (Modulated Rate & Width) (MRW), SD (Strength Duration) (SD), Bi-Pulse (Bi),  EMS Alternate (A), Synchronous (S), Patient Compliance Timer: Memorize 60 sets of operation records Channel: Dual, isolated between channels Waveform: Asymmetric biphasic square pulse Pulse Frequency: Variable, 2~150 Hz Pulse Width: Variable, 50~300 μ s Adjustable Intensity Levels: 0-40 Volts (loading: 500 Ω) EMS mode: Alternate/Synchronous TENS mode: Burst (B)/Normal (N)/Modulation (MRW)/Strength Duration (SD)/Bi-Pulse (Bi) Timer: 5~90 minutes auto-shutoff or continuous Patient Compliance Timer: Memorize 60 sets of operation records Power Source: 9V alkaline battery Size: 118 X 53 X 25 mm Weight: 128 grams (including battery)
$125.00 Ex. GST each  

$125.00 Ex. GST each

TE13 Tens & Musclestim

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