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Product Code: PB (6-100162)


POWERbreathe is ideal for those who intend on improving their current fitness level. From brisk walks to weekly workouts, running, swimming, cycling and team games, all activity gets easier for you - so you get more out of it! Features: - For active individuals participating in regular exercise - Class 1 Medical Device - Improves breathing in just 4 weeks - Improves the strength, power and endurance of the inspiratory muscles - Simple to use - No side effects or drug interactions - 10 adjustable resistance levels POWERbreathe is simple to use. You just breathe through it - twice a day - for 30 breaths. And that's it. Powerbreathe is a respiratory exerciser that was developed by a Team of scientists in the UK to improve breathing. It uses the principles of resistance training to increase the strength and endurance of your breathing muscles. Powerbreathe is a drug free inspiratory muscle trainer What is POWERbreathe?
    • Powerbreathe is a drug free inspiratory muscle trainer
    • Proven through many research studies to improve breathing and reduce breathlessness
  Who buys Powerbreathe?
  • Athletes at all levels of sport
  • Sufferers of respiratory diseases including asthma, emphysema and other lung conditions
  • People with sedentary lifestyles who experience breathlessness in normal activities
  Recommended by Sports Medicine Australia
$95.00 Ex. GST each  

$95.00 Ex. GST each


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