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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls

The Fitball-Gymnic range of products is manufactured from NON-TOXIC, LATEX-FREE and PHALATE -FREE PVC materials

Physio Roll

The Gymnic Physio Roll was created by joining two balls together, creating a tool which has a number of applications and boasts a much higher stability than that of a regular ball. In the physiotherapy sector, it has been used for a number of years and has found to be most useful for those who have trouble with balance and coordination, the elderly and disabled as well as nursery schools.Physio ROll

Gymnic Physio Roll

The Gymnic Physio Roll is a critical tool in every therapy and fitness facility. Made by Gymnic, the Physio Roll offers greater stability by limiting movement to forward and backward.
The unique design allows a therapist and client to share the Physio Roll. Or, patients can sit in the center cradle for maximum comfort and support.
The small size Physio Rolls can be used not just for humans, but for pets with deficiencies in movement, stability and reflex as well as behavioral problems and rehabilitation post-op.

The Gymnic Physio Roll is light weight and has been weight tested to 600 lbs.

Fitball™ has also a range of fitness and developmental products such as

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  • Physio Roll
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