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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls

  • Ledraplastic equipment is of the highest quality and with due care should last for years.
  • Any ball, whether of Burst Resistant Quality or not, is vulnerable to puncture. The ball is at risk if used outside. Do not use on concrete floors, brick or gravel surfaces. Keep away from sharp objects, edges and naked flames.
  • Fitballs should not be kicked or used as a football.
  • Check user’s clothing for sharp edges such as name badges, belt, watch or shoe buckles.
  • Check the floor for sharp objects such as drawing pins or staples, particularly if using the ball as office seating or in Tradeshow areas. In gyms, beware of metal-edged equipment.
  • Ledraplastic balls are independently University tested with a tolerance of 300 kg.
  • Balls are guaranteed against manufacturing defects only and this does not extend to balls that have been over-inflated or damaged in use.
  • Check Fitballs regularly and remove from service any that have scratches or other surface damage.
  • Keep out of direct sun light.
  • Fitballs are unable to be patched or repaired.

INFLATION – two-stage inflation is recommended.

  • When inflating the ball for the first time, inflate to several centimeters LESS than the maximum. Leave the ball overnight in a warm room, to allow the ball to expand and then top up to desired size. The fitball is latex free and can take a few top ups to get to the desired diameter.
  • Fitballs may be inflated by using a hand pump or compressor. Take care when using a compressor. Compressors can be more effective when the ball is not expanding to the desired size. (Max atm 0.1-PSI 0.5) The ball is NOT inflated to a pressure but according to the maximum diameter. A bicycle pump is not suitable.
  • Inflate Fitballs at room temperature (20deg C) rather than at extremes of heat or cold.
  • Each ball has a maximum diameter printed on it. DO NOT EXCEED THIS DIAMETER this will result in the ball voiding warranty.
  • Circumference: (measure around the fattest part of the ball)
    55 cm ball = 173 cm   65 cm balls = 204 cm   75 cm balls = 235 cm
  • The ball has a simple stopper (plug) supplied. You are unlikely to need the small valve supplied with some balls. When the ball is fully inflated press the stopper firmly into the air hole.
  • Balls will “give” a little depending on the type of use. It might need topping up periodically, depending on use.

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