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Do not compromise your family's safety by
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GetSmart Fitness in Conjuction with Fitball Therapy & Training


The exciting news: GetSmart Fitness programs are license free !

  • Our sole aim is to ensure all fitness personnel have a complete understanding of these programs and how they can turn the knowledge gained into safe sessions in your centre.
  • Gym owners will then be able to get on with the business of running the centre without needing to have thought of whether instructors are performing well.

What does it include?

  • Each program is a 4 hour training package in your fitness centre. This is a practical session and a manual will be included.
  • Among the areas to be covered extensively will be technique, safety, class planning and program prescriptions. Then a further hour reserved for assessing staff.
  • Those who are competent after assessment will receive Certificate of Competency in that particular program, which will be valid for 12 months.
  • Individual assessments, allowing correction and coaching to ensure high quality training. Assessments not done on the day can be sent to us via DVD later.
  • Updates are offered which will include additional areas of interest within that program. For example if it’s a Smart FitballT program, the first quarterly update could be Fitball and Pregnancy.
  • This unique program offers opportunity for all staff within the centre to personalise the training to suit their specific requirements based on the extensive information learned on the day.


This package includes:

  • 4 hour Training by Professional Trainers
  • 1 hour inhouse assessment
  • Comprehensive and user friendly program manual
  • CEC certificate for all attendees
  • Certificate of Participation qualifying each staff member as a GetSmart FitnessT program instructor (once successful completion of the assessment)
  • Accrediting your Centre as a GSFT trained Centre upon successful assessment
  • Ongoing assistance when required

Covering the cost

  • This can be covered by the centre to reward your staff for their efforts and loyalty.
  • The centre can subsidise the course and therefore the staff pay a minimal fee.
  • It is compulsory for all staff to attend for the Gym to be accredited as a GSFT Accredited Centre. If you have 20 fitness personnel at your club, it could work out to as little as $50 per person.

How does this benefit the instructor/trainer?

  • Currently fitness personnel have to organise their own updates by attending workhops, subscribing to magazines or going to conventions. This is a huge cost and time commitment.
  • A valuable and inexpensive way to earn CEC’s
  • Having the benefit of training in their own centre and also receive their accreditation points is a huge bonus minimalizing cost and commitment
  • At the same time they are learning to be the BEST they can be and really be in a position to help the members become their best with correct knowledge and skills provided.
  • This will educate fitness personnel to know how and why they do what they do – not just what to do!

What is it?
A ball based training program designed to incorporate fitness, and strength, with a focus on core stability.

What does it do?
This unique product is an integral piece of equipment for most fitness professionals and enables greater variety of exercises through its shape and mobility. It allows for an increase of balance and core stability training that no other product offers.

Who is it for?
Anyone looking for total body core and strength training as well as fresh cardio alternatives.

This program allows individual instructors to compile programs or class formats based on level of participant. This program educates instructors therefore the focus is shifted from the instructor knowing what to do – they now know how and why! PLUS it’s a license free product.

Inhouse training in your club.

How to become an Accredited SmartFitball™ Gym

There are two requirements to becoming an Accredited SmartFitball Gym. Book the SmartFitball™ training and outfit your gym with our quality products for less than half the retail price. There are three options for product package deals:

1. Outfit with Fitball™

Once booked to do the training, you can opt to order the fitballs included in the training package. All gyms balls in the gym must be fitball to be recognised as an accredited smartfitball gym. Ask for more information when booking the training.

2. Buy Back Balls Replace with Fitball™

The Buy Back Offer is the alternative to the Outfit offer, if the gym that has completed the GetSmart Fitball training and wishes to become an accredited smartfitball gym, however they already have their own balls, they can opt for the Buy Back offer. We will offer replacement fitballs at a reduced price than our RRP…

3. Replenish Your Fitball™

The aim of this fantastic offer is to ensure that the fitballs in the Accredited SmartFitball Gyms are quality fitballs, which are safe for patrons; we suggest to have fitballs replenished every 18months, however this offer will be only valid to gyms either accredited or who have only fitballs in their gym.

Programs currently available

Ball exercise programs for group fitness, personal trainers and gym staff

WHY? Total body core and strength training, as well as for cardio workouts.

Resistance training programs for group fitness, personal trainers and gym staff

WHY? The ultimate training to effectively use the highly popular bar work-out. A form of resistance and endurance training.

Coming soon

GSFT will continue to develop new programs on exciting new topics to satisfy the needs of all clubs. We will keep you updated when new programs are available.


These updates are not compulsory however we strongly recommend all staff attend as they can never have too much knowledge and we suggest a mininmum of one update per year. You can request a program that would be suitable for your requirements from the list we will provide.

The cost of these updates are $399 and will include accreditation, notes, certificate of achievement and duration will be between 2 – 2.5 hours.

New staff for your centre

Music & Motion anticipate having a website up and running during 2007/08 that will advertise all successfully assessed fitness personnel and gyms in order to assist those looking for staff and personnel looking for work.

For full details, package cost and the opportunity to place a booking please forward your details by filling in the workshop booking form. Alternatively you can reach Music and Motion on 9886 6288.

Click her to contact us.

Other programs currently available


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