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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls

The Fitball-Gymnic range of products is manufactured from NON-TOXIC, LATEX-FREE and PHALATE -FREE PVC materials

Disc O Sit

The Disc ‘O’ Sit is a circular cushion which can be slightly inflated or deflated depending on how firm you’d like it. In situations where a fully-sized gym ball is impractical, FB_Disco_sit_Jthe Disc ‘O’ Sit can be used as a cushion that supports the natural curve of your back and doesn’t encourage hunching. On top of this, the Disc ‘O’ Sit can be used as a tool for balance exercises – by placing one or both feet on the disc, the support is reduced and it becomes unstable for an added challenge.

Coupled with a medicine ball, the Disc ‘O’ Sit can be used for a wide variety of exercises suitable and demanding for any level of fitness, from a casual workout to elite training. If that wasn’t enough, the Disc ‘O’ Sit can be used as a floatie in a pool and can be used for walking exercises with foot/ankle strengthening and mobility.

Size: 39cm diameter

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