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Do not compromise your family's safety by
purchasing cheap poorly made exercise balls

The Fitball-Gymnic range of products is manufactured from NON-TOXIC, LATEX-FREE and PHALATE -FREE PVC materials

Aso Ankle Braces

If you’re looking for an ASO Ankle Brace, Melbourne locals will be pleased to hear that Fitball can deliver!Aso Ankle Braces

ASO Ankle Braces are one of the most popular ankle supports on the market today. Used by athletes at all levels for prevention or after acute ankle injuries, this brace provides eversio
n and inversion (side-to-side) ankle support while still allowing enough movement for athletic performance. This superior ankle brace is very popular in basketball and soccer, because it securely locks the ankle, similar to an athletic ankle taping, but does not contain hard plastic supports or pieces. The ASO Ankle Stabilizer’s lace up closure allows for patient friendly application that can be applied quickly anywhere.

ASO Ankle Braces Melbourne

ASO AAso Ankle Bracesnkle Braces have stabilising straps which provide superior defense against inversion injuries. Straps replicate the stirrup effect of the basketweave athletic taping application, positioning the ankle at 90°- the ‘right angle’ for treating acute injuries. Universally made to fit either a left or right ankle.


Features & Benefits:

  • Can be worn preventively or during the treatment of an acute ankle sprain
  • Low profile and easily fits into any shoe
  • Elastic cuff closure at top of brace decreases inversion ankle motion and keeps laces and straps secure
  • Ballistic nylon straps with patented “figure 8” straps “lock the heal” and replicate ankle taping
  • Biomechanically helps keep the foot in a neutral position reducing the severity or frequency of inversion or eversion type ankle sprains or re-injuries
  • Ballistic nylon base provides tremendous strength to the brace and reinforces the lacing eyelets
  • Polyester laces are strong and resist shrinking
  • Lightweight, breathable, and cooler to wear CoolFlex material lines the inside Achilles area and front tongue portion of the brace providing a comfortable exceptional fit.
  • US manufacturing

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